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Termite Exterminator: We are fully qualified, & capable, to perform any type Termite Service that you prefer to protect your home. A liquid-residual barrier, like a Termidor® application, is our most commonly requested termite treatment. Though there are hundreds of products, there are really only 3 different termite application types. Most homes, at the time of construction, get a Termite Pretreatment for protection from termite infestation. The initial termite protection lasts about 5 years. At some point, most houses need a post-contruction termite service to continue the protection from the wood destructive pests. A-1 Pest does hundreds of termite applications all over the state of Oklahoma to remedy termite infestations and renew the protection of your largest investment. Proudly serving Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma city, Owasso, Perry, Sand Spings, Skiatook, Stillwater, and Muskogee with Termite Extermination. Don't let termites eat you out of house & home!

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Termite & Pest Bundle: The easiest, and most carefree, termite control plan is the Complete Exterminating Bundle. The Termite and Pest Control Bundle offers hassle-free service to protect your home from termites and pest all year long. No Indoor Spays (unless requested), No Appointments to keep, No Stamps or Checks (Autopay), and MOST Average homes can be fully protected for a couple of dollars per Day! Our Bundle, and our termite company, is the reliable choice for keeping your family and property safe from the destructiveness of termites and other obnoxious pests.

Termite PreTreat Protection: Termite protection for your home, especially your brand new home, is an esstential part of making sure your investment is safe. Your Termite Pretreat for New Construction needs to be done a day or two before the floor or foundation is poured. Though there are many product choices, termite pretreat application guidlines are established by the state, and should only be performed by a qualified technician. Our pretreat prices are determined by the square footage of the structure and the product selected for the termite application. A thorough termite treatment, done at the properly, and in a timely manner, can give you years of protection for your home.

ODAFF Reports and Wood Destruction: Inspecting your home for destructive organisms before you buy it, and, at times, after you own it, help reduce the unpleasant surprise of damage from termites, carpenter ants, and from other pests and fungi. At the time of purchase, you will typically need an ODAFF Report ('termite inspection') for the real estate closing. Excessive moisture under, and around the the home, can be a condition that allows fungus and mold to grow and to damage the wood based structure. Carpenter Ants, Wood Bees, Beetles, and other wood destructive pests damage and weaken the wood as well. We offer termite inspections, gutter cleaning, and pest applications for to reduce the risk of these organisms damaging your property.

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