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Carpenter Ant Exterminating: The "big black ants" often seen on trees and around the exterior perimeter of your home, come in a variety of sizes and colors. The carpenter ant is a social insect, with members performing specific duties. Some ants forage for food, others protect the colony, and there are those ants that care for the young. There are also those ants that hollow out sections of trees and wooden members of your structure. Hence, the name "carpenter ant." They build nests inside the wood galleries they have chewed out, typically above doors, windows, behind baseboards, and other readily hollow areas. Decks and exterior wood porches can be targeted as well. They wood is damaged similar to termite damage, but, unlike termites, they do not consume the wood. A symptom of carpenter ants may be dirt or dust in your window sills. Carpenter Ants are often discovered during ODAFF inspections for real estate transactions; pest treatment and repairs can be as costly as termite damage.

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Pest Control for Bees: Carpenter Bees (Wood Bees) are often confused with Bumble Bees. They are both larger bees, with black & yellow patterns, and they have a similar appearance. The carpenter bee has an abdomen that is shiny, like black leather. The Bumble Bee has an abdomen that is "fuzzy." Both the carpenter bee & the bumble bee are typically seen hovering in the sun, around the exterior of your home. However, the carpenter bee is far more attracted to wood objects like decks, siding, eaves, barns, and porches. The bumble bee cares nothing for wood structures. The carpenter bee is sometimes called a "wood bee", because she bores a gallery into wood. Then she deposits her egg inside, adds pollen to feed the larvae, and then seals the tunnel. Then she moves on to bore the next hole. Because of this process, she prefers unpainted or untreated wood, although the carpenter bee may bore into treated wood after it ages. Remedies include spraying the wood, penetrating the egg / larva, and sealing the holes made by the bee. A few holes may not cause severe damage, but left untreated, carpenter bees can weaken the structure and create access for moisture damage. Pest applications and treatments may vary according to the severity of the pest problem.

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Wood Boring Beetles Exterminating: Wood Beetles are various families of beetles that eat or destroy wood while in the adult or the larval stage. The Furniture Beetle, Deathwatch Beetle, Powder Post Beetle, Flat-Headed Borer, and Old-House Borer are a few of the common beetles that damage wood. Wood boring beetles, like termites and carpenter ants, have an important role in nature. They all aid in the decomposition of dead wood and help recycle it back into the soil. Often, these pest get into your home during the transport of firewood, but they can already be inside the wood of new and antique furniture, as well. They might lay eggs in the cracks and crevices of the wood, or the eggs may already be inside before the tree leaves the forest. Symptoms typically include pinholes in the wood and "sawdust" piles inside or underneath furniture and cabinets. Control of the beetles requires thorough inspections and treatment with borate type materials.

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