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Termites In Oklahoma: Termites live in social colonies underground, very similar to ants. In our natural eco-system, termites consume dead roots, fallen tree limbs, and other wood. The subterranean termite is the most common Oklahoma termite. Their food source is wood and made from wood products (like cardboard or paper). They digest and convert the cellulose materials back into soil; the problem is they also love to munch on the wood members of buildings and homes. Termites cause serious damage to property; close to two million homes and more than five BILLION dollars per year. If your home is five or more years old, it may be time for an application to renew your termite protection. Our most common termite applications are designed to kill the termites in their colonies, as opposed to the less-effective repellant barriers. The termites transport the treatment back to the colony and spreads it like a disease, killing the worker termites and the queen. Our pricing for termite applications are designed to bring you top-notch termite protection at the most affordable cost.

Termite Management Services: We offer a variety of termite related services including Fungus, Mold, & Mosture control under, and around the home. Our Complete Exterminating Bundle. includes not only termite protection, but pest control as well. The bundle offers no mess service to protect your home with predominantly exterior applications and no appointments needed. We also do Termite Pertreats, termite inspections baits and termite monitoring. If you encounter problems with Carpenter Ants, Wood Bees, Beetles, and other wood destructive pests we have a solution for that. We even do gutter cleaning to reduce the conditions that attract pests. Our low priced termite solutions apply to most Oklahoma areas including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma City, Owasso, Perry, Sand Spings, Skiatook, Stillwater, and Muskogee. We can help in keeping your home safe from termite activity!

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