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Brown Recluse Spider

Spiders: Though beneficial, can be scary. The black widow & brown recluse bites are nasty(corrosive venom). Others are the wolf, zipper (zig zag), & jumping spiders.

Roaches and Moths

Kitchen Pests: Roaches, grain beetles, and moths invade kitchens and pantrys. Most often they are transported into your home in bags, boxes, & food containers.

Cricket Beetle Pest

Crickets & Beetles: Although they come indoors too, these pests often invade the exterior perimeter. They can be very annoying during the cricket mating season.

Carpet Beetle Pest

Carpet Beetles: are an indoor pest with larve that feed on natural fibers. The adult carpet beetle is readily recocognized by the southwestern patterns on the back.

Rodent Mice Pest

Mice & Rats: They invade as cold weather approaches. Rodents are attracted to crawl spaces, attics, & foods(seeds, grains, etc), bringing damage, odors, & toxicity.

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