Ant Spraying in Tulsa & Broken Arrow

Ants: Nothing is more annoying than an invasion of ants into your home. Ants can be a very real nuisance and a destructive pest. Pharaoh ants, fire ants, little black ants and even carpenter ants are typical invaders to Oklahoma homes. The colony consists of various stages including ant queens, males, workers, eggs, larvae, and pupae. The ants are attracted to food, mulch areas, and warm, humid areas near sources of water (& food). They will inhabit wall voids, window headers, and hollow tree areas, in addition to sub-slab & underground nesting. We will take them head-on with a variety of control measures to stop the ant invasion, eliminate their colonies, and reduce the possibility of further damage (sometimes as severe as termites).

Ant Pest Control

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter Ants come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can often be identified as the "big black ants" seen on trees and around the exterior of the home. They damage wood in a manner similar to termites. Carpenter Ants are often attracted to trees and shrubbery with an infestation of aphids. They will "farm" the aphids, moving them from leaf to leaf, in order to harvest the "honeydew" residue excreted by the tiny white insects. One symptom of carpenter ants may be recurring dirt or dust in your window sills.

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